Tire sealer and Inflator

৳ 399.00

  • 450mL tire sealer and inflator spray
  • Repair the tire in moment, special formula
  • Easy to use, no extra tools needed
  • Fast, can repair the tire with seconds with gas filling
  • Convenient, for urgent repair, reduce potential safety hazard in driving
  • All purpose, suitable for all vacuum tire and non-vacuum tires
  • Well sealed, can seal 3/16 inches hole ( 0.476cm) for temporary repairing
  • Cool down, after adding this material, can reduce the tire’s temperature 3-5c degrees
  • Environmental, adoptsenvironmental and biodegradable material, no poison to nature
  • Safety: adopts special anti-corrosive ingredientsto prevent damage on hub caps

Tire repairing liquid tire sealer inflator veslee Description

Tire repairing liquid tire sealer inflator Veslee the product is applied to the various middle mini-tire vehicles tire widely. It has the obvious effect on repairing the pricking within 6mm on the tire, without using jack and no need to demount the tire. To accomplish automation air inflation immediately and mend puncture on padding. its very Helpful product its safe your tire from puncture and repair your tire instantly. When inflating it into intact tire, it will protect against pricking.


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