KANGAROO car shampoo 650ml (Korea)

৳ 450.00

  • Compatible with all vehicles
  • Pleasing perfume
  • Comes with a diffuser
  • Powerful cleaners lift away dirt and road grime
  • Clean-rinsing formula for spot-free, streak-free results
  • Won’t strip wax, like some dish soaps
  • Safe for all automotive finishes, including clear coats
  • 650 ml
  • Made in Korea

Kangaroo car shampoo: 650 mlkangaroo car shampoo, will keep your car always new. this shampoo is made by applying complex soft and surface active materials. It contains super decontamination polymer. The foam created is rich and can effectively attach on the surface to decompose, making the car gloss without damaging the coating surface


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